Perline Psychotherapy -
A Note From Sandey and Steve
Hello and thank you for choosing to explore the ways in which we can help you with your challenges.
We do not believe people are "broken" so we do not "fix" people.  We believe people are faced with challenges, issues and circumstances.  We are here to help and accompany you along a path to combating and conquering those challenges, issues or circumstances that brought you into our offices.
Whether children, adolescents, or adults, we all have life challenges that need to be addressed: from the difficulties of navigating family requirements, needs, and dynamics to the stress associated with succeeding at school, work, or other areas. These can bring on depression, anxiety, acting out behaviors, relationship troubles and issues associated with grief and loss.    
Other times, we face challenges of our own making and need to learn how to change our behaviors and/or thought patterns. Sometimes, we just need to learn how to handle changes we were not expecting or those we've been hoping not to have to face.   
Whatever the challenge, using a variety of therapeutic techniques and theories, and just some plain old talking things through, we can work to help you, your child, your family, or other loved ones successfully achieve goals, conquer challenges, stop negative thinking and develop healthy coping skills. 
Office Hours:
By appointment only
Contact Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R at 631-220-5523
for a free phone consultation and further information
Contact Steve Perline, LCSW-R at 631-455-4067
for a free phone consultation and further information
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