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Parenting Skills
Unfortunately, children do not come with owners' manuals and no one gives us an automatic training class when we first take on the role of parent.  Some people have had wonderful role models.  Some have never had the type of role models whose behaviors we want to or should emulate.  Some people fall somewhere in between.  
You may need help appropriately handling your child's difficult to manage negative behaviors.  You may need help appropriately managing your own negative behaviors.  You may be coming to us voluntarily and you may have been encouraged or even mandated to seek treatment.  It's possible you are just afraid that without learning proper parenting skills, you will not be able to break the cycle of poor parenting passed through the generations of your family.
We are here to help. Through talk therapy, skills development, education, and other tools, we will work with you to help you become the parent(s) you want to be and your child/children deserve to have. We look forward to helping you in your journey towards the healthier, happier, and positive life your family deserves. 
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