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Dual Diagnosis/Dual Recovery/

Co-Occurring Disorder/MICA/


Do you find yourself in and have trouble getting out of negative relationships? Has that led to depression? Anxiety? Negative self-talk? Negative self-esteem? Self-harming behaviors? Do you know these relationships are bad for you but you continue the negative patterns?

Have you ever felt like "just one drink" (or pill or "hit" or "line" or "huff" etc.) will help you calm your nerves/control the sadness/give you "liquid courage" in social settings? You think there "must be a better way" to handle the feelings but you continue your "self-medicating" pattern?

Have you ever felt depressed and reached repeatedly for the old standby that always clears up the blues - a gallon of ice cream and can't put the spoon down, no matter how much you know it's bad for you?

These are all examples of a dual diagnosis. People who struggle with dual diagnoses struggle with both mental health and addiction issues. Dual diagnosis treatment is also known as Co-Occurring Disorder treatment, MICA treatment or dual recovery treatment. We prefer dual recovery because that's our goal.

No matter, we don't like labels in the first place. What matters is how we can help you. Often times, one diagnosis or challenge has led to the other. Sometimes, one is used as a way to justify and/or cope with the other. Sometimes, clients cannot remember which came first, they just feel trapped in a never ending cycle of failure to live the kind of happy, healthy and positive life they deserve.

In any case, fighting one challenge is harder than fighting two (and fighting one is hard enough). When one feeds off of the other, it makes it even more difficult to successfully recover. The combination of guilt and shame associated with both mental health and addiction challenges can be unbearable. BUT IT CAN BE DONE!!! As we said, the term we like BEST is DUAL RECOVERY!

Someone with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder recovers best with the help of a professional clinician who understands its unique challenges, is specifically trained, and has experience working with those with dual diagnoses. Sandey has that training and experience.

Through education, skills development, teamwork, patience, understanding, compassion, and helping you to see a life after dual diagnosis recovery, we will help you on your journey towards the healthy, happy and positive life you want and deserve.

We also work with families, friends, and other loved ones to help develop an understanding of what a dual diagnosis means for everyone involved, as well as help loved ones to live healthy, happy and positive lives of their own.

We offer various modalities, including individual psychotherapy, group therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and/or parenting skills to assist you in your dual recovery. We can discuss your specific needs and which single or combination of modalities is best to help you in your journey.

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