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What Makes Us Different?

Many people say they have extensive experience working with people of all ages in all areas of psychotherapy. Many people say they work with adolescents, children, couples and families. Many people say they can treat people with addiction or dual diagnoses. We have had the life and professional experience and training to back up the claims.

* While we work as private practitioners, one of the unique benefits you will receive as a client in our practices is our ability to consult with one another (with your permission): two times the amount of skills, knowledge, insight and personal and professional experience from which to draw.

We offer the convenience of two therapists in one office.

Examples of some of the benefits we can provide are:

- Individual therapy with your therapist and couple's counseling or family therapy with another therapist without having to leave a setting in which you already feel safe and comfortable.

- Individual counseling for each member of the couple or for two members of the same family and couple's or family counseling with both of your therapists, all without having to leave a setting in which you already feel safe and comfortable.

- Individual counseling for a child with one therapist and parental counseling for the parents.

- The opportunity to see one therapist while a friend or family member sees the other at the same time. Great for carpooling.

- Two members of the same family seeing his/her own separate therapist but at the same time and in the same location - a real convenience for the busy family that needs to schedule several family members for therapy.

Of course there are many other options as well. Just ask and we'll do our best to coordinate our services to your needs.

* Our clients have expressed concerns in initial meetings that they might pour their thoughts and feelings out to their therapist with only a response of "And how do you feel about that?"

Rest assured, you will receive a lot more feedback and interaction than that. We care about how you feel and about how we're going to work together to solve the problems that brought you into our offices.

Rather than expect our clients to adapt to our form of treatment, we take a proactive and eclectic approach, ensuring we are able to help you in the way you are best helped, not in the way that is most convenient for us.

Having had personal and professional interactions with a variety of people from a variety of different countries and cultures, we also offer a cultural awareness borne from life and professional experiences. And, to top it all off, with Steve, you will also find someone who fluently speaks French and is proficient in Spanish. A rarity in Suffolk County!

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Contact Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R at 631-220-5523

for a free phone consultation and further information

Contact Steve Perline, LCSW-R at 631-455-4067

for a free phone consultation and further information

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